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Pre-Marital Counseling

Bullet-Proof Your Marriage.

Dr. Parvonae Shaw is a certified pre-marital counseling provider with Broward County. Upon finishing four hours of pre-marital counseling with Dr. Shaw, you can obtain a certificate to have your marriage license fee reduced by $32.50 and waive the waiting period for your marriage license.

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. Learning appropriate conflict management skills at the beginning of a relationship will make you better equipped to deal with problems as they occur.

Dr. Shaw provides pre-commitment ceremony counseling to couples that would like to strengthen the bonds that hold them together to last an eternity. Research has shown that learning appropriate communication skills early in a relationship as opposed to later when problems arise is much more effective. Divorce prevention based counseling will focus on exploring shared desires and making joint commitments to obtain long lasting satisfaction from your relationship. Together, you will perfect the communication skills needed to express your wishes in a way that will increase fulfillment of your longings.

Dr. Shaw will complete an initial assessment with you to ascertain your values for your relationship. She will work with you to ensure that you are working to bring out the best from each other. Together you will create the foundation for a life time of happiness.

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