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Couples Therapy

When people experience relationship problems, this can affect all areas of their lives. They often feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. Learning effective ways of handling these difficult relationship issues can significantly enhance your life.

Dr. Shaw completed a Specialty Focus in Couples Counseling and is one of South Florida's premier couples therapists. She trained with Howard Markman, Ph.D., who is one of the creators of the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP). This program is based on clinical research and teaches couples the skills and tools they need to maintain a happy marriage.

What happens in couples' therapy?

You and your partner will work to ensure that you are maximizing your relationship's potential. You will learn skills to use outside of the therapy room that will continue to improve your relationship even after therapy is complete.

Dr. Shaw will work with you and your partner to create goals that will significantly improve the quality of your relationship and your life. Schedule an appointment today to learn how to nourish and enrich your relationship!

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