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Adolescent Therapy

Does Your Teen Need Support?

Dr. Parvonae Shaw extensively trained in Residential Treatment Centers for adolescents. She was a therapist at the Texas Neuro Rehab, where she treated adolescents with a variety of mental health issues. She also completed her APA approved Internship at Colorado State University, where she specialized in ensuring that adolescents and young adults had the support they needed for academic and personal success. Additionally, Dr. Shaw completed her Post-Doctoral Residency at Citrus Health Network, where she treated adolescents and their families in a locked-down facility.

Adolescence is a critical point of development. If adolescents are not able to meet appropriate developmental milestones, this can dramatically decrease their chances for success later in life. Dr. Shaw is skilled at implementing behavioral and family therapy techniques to dramatically improve your adolescent's quality of life.

Furthermore, since adolescents' brains are still developing it is essential that they have proper guidance and structure through the teenage years. Dr. Shaw can work with caregivers to ensure that they are properly giving their adolescents the support they need.

Encouraging your teenager to engage in outpatient psychotherapy can prevent the need for an inpatient facility down the road, increase their chance for future success, and improve family harmony.

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