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COVID-19 Support

Mental health is an essential part of surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic. I am here to help via Telehealth. All health insurance companies are reimbursing for telehealth at this time. Please don't hesitate to contact me for support. I use research based interventions that can help reduce your stress.

Transitions are stressors for families and I would be honored to support your family through this time.

For all of you who will have kids at home with you while you are also working from home, I am happy to help you with parenting coaching and creating structure and schedules for your children.

This is also a great time for your adolescent to reach out for some mental health support, since there schedules are less hectic. They are already very good and communicating via devices and respond great to Telehealth.

With partners working from home, there can also be additional stress on your marriage. I am happy to help boost your relationship with research based communication skills. This could be the ideal time to give your relationship the TLC it deserves.

Dr. Shaw is here to support you through this pandemic.

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