Couples Beach Weekend

In order to maintain a vital relationship it is essential to escape from the day-to-day drudgery that can bring down a relationship.  Sometimes a trip can be the special recipe that adds zest to your relationship!  Although the trip is often amazing, the results can be short lived. 

Therefore, Dr. Parvonae Shaw will customize a trip for you to sunny South Florida.  Dr. Shaw does not believe in one-size fits all approaches to couples therapy so the experience is specially tailored to fit the individual needs of the couple.  Dr. Parvonae Shaw will work with you to identify long standing hidden issues in your marriage.  Then she will work with you to find lasting solutions. 

During your trip you will not only experience an amazing and romantic beach weekend but will also obtain the skills necessary to make lasting chances in your relationship. 

Contact Dr. Shaw today to start planning the trip of your lives!

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